Pratt (Lewisburg Corrugating), LLC

Pratt (Lewisburg Corrugating), LLC
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  • Lewisburg, OH, 45338
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Pratt is a world leader in the packaging industry with a series of corrugating facilities strategically placed throughout the United States and Mexico. We can enable you to achieve the ultimate in sustainable corrugated packaging utilizing our 100% recycled paper. All are backed by Pratt’s total commitment to quality, service and innovation.

The company is dedicated to performance-based packaging because it believes the corrugated industry must continually seek new ways to reduce paper weights – without giving up any performance characteristics – to remain cost-effective with other materials.

So no matter what your needs, Pratt can create the perfect packaging solution to protect, contain and promote your product and deliver it to market. We solve packaging issues for customers on a daily basis, from package design and the role of the package in the manufacturing process to meeting distribution requirements and responding to consumer preferences.

Pratt has the know-how and capabilities to deliver custom corrugated solutions and customers know they can count on the company for superior products, services and innovation. Pratt creates long-term value for its customers by using resources efficiently so when you purchase Pratt products, you receive high quality corrugated materials designed to protect, ship, store and display your products. Moreover, Pratt provides a full complement of services…from on-site consultation, design and testing, to audit resources and recycling support.