Bullen Ultrasonics, Inc.

Bullen Ultrasonics, Inc.
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Globally recognized as the leader in Ultrasonic Machining, Bullen has established itself as a trusted partner to advanced technology companies worldwide and as a leading provider of high quality, components for the Semiconductor, MEMS, Transportation, Defense & Aerospace, Medical and Life Sciences industries.

Founded in 1971 by Jim Bullen in his garage in Eaton, OH, Bullen Ultrasonics began selling ultrasonic machines to various industries.  Under the leadership of Steve Brown (Jim’s son-in-law) and Mary Bullen (Jim’s daughter), Bullen grew rapidly through the 90’s and 00’s by producing silicon oxide etch components for the semiconductor industry. Bullen’s component process was fully vertically integrated, including crystal growing equipment, ingot shaping, CNC machining, lapping/polishing, etching and clean room packaging.  In 2006, Bullen sold its silicon growing and processing assets to Lam Research.  This company is now called Silfex and is also located in Eaton, OH.  Bullen remains a privately-held company located in Eaton, OH and is currently owned by the Brown family.

To this day, Bullen remains a leader in ultrasonic machining of hard, brittle materials and engineering support for ultrasonic services.  You can download our brochure for more information. or contact a customer service representative to discuss your application with us today.

Making a Difference, Changing Lives

At Bullen we pride ourselves on being a great place to work. Living out our corporate commitment to people, excellence, and ethics, we work together and challenge each other to make continual improvements that drive innovative solutions within our company-and for our customers.

The accomplishments of Bullen team members can have a major impact on the ability of new technologies to be used to save lives in the medical industry, to improve a variety of electronic and semiconductor applications, and to help protect the right to freedom through military and aviation applications. When you consider what company you want to work for, consider Bullen and the role you could have in improving the lives of many.