Preble County Farm Bureau

Preble County Farm Bureau
  • 117 E Walnut St Ste A
  • Farmersville, OH, 45325
  • 937-456-5400
  • Website

Farm Bureau is Ohio’s largest general farm organization. Ohio Farm Bureau is a federation of 86 county Farm Bureaus.
Farm Bureau members serve on boards and committees working on legislation, regulation, and issues which affect agriculture, rural areas, and Ohio citizens in general.
Preble County Farm Bureau is a private dues-paying membership organization. OFBF works on behalf of members at our nation’s capital and Ohio’s.

Farm Bureau is a membership organization. The only requirement the believe/support of local agriculture. However only active members are permitted to create policy and vote on Ohio Farm Buruea issues.
Active Member - are those members who are engaged in agricultural production and health of the industry.  1 in 8 jobs in Ohio are focused in the agriculture industry. 
Associate Member - are those members who are non-agricultural but believe in the importance of providing a good healthy food source to consumers.